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Lotte Berk method

Books and videos for the Lotte Berk method and related exercise methods

cover New*** The Bar Method - basically Lotte Berk exercise with some variations, taught slightly differently. Highly recommended. Only available, as below, from and not in PAL format.

cover Lotte Berk method for beginners
A new set of Lotte Berk videos to be released on February 4th 2003. Sadly only available as yet from and not in PAL format, which is necessary for the UK. We envy our sisters across the pond!!!

Denise Welch - You Can Do It! This video features Lotte Berk exercises, is available from, and is the next best thing to a genuine Lotte Berk method class:

There are no current books available on the Lotte Berk method, although any new ones will appear below. The ones featured below currently are occasionally available second hand through


Lotte Berk - the dancer
The Lotte Berk exercise method was developed by the dancer Lotte Berk in the late 1940s. Lotte had been a dancer with several modern dance companies including the Ballet Rambert after fleeing Nazi Germany during the second world war. She then suffered severe spinal injuries in a car accident and developed her own method of exercise to escape her wheelchair and rehabilitate herself. Her aims were to regain strength and suppleness, particularly in the pelvic area, the abdominals and the lower back, and to tone and shape her entire musculature which had weakened substantially during her months without movement.

Core stability
Within months Lotte had regained much of her mobility and was working hard to develop a method of exercise which would tone and shape every inch of her body. Drawing on her experience as a dancer and the specific advice of her orthopoedic surgeon, Lotte designed an exercise method that brought her what is known today as core stability - strength, balance and stability around the pelvis and the lower back.

The Manchester Street studio, London
Lotte started teaching her friends who were fascinated by her progress, and opened her legendary studio in Manchester Street, London. Before long the Sunday Times and other newspapers ran features on her, and the method took off.
This was not a workout for the faint-hearted! The aim of the method is to isolate different muscles and tone and release them individually and in conjunction with other stabilising and synergizing muscle groups. Movements are based on modern dance exercises and emphasize grace and posture. Taught by a Lotte Berk trained and qualified teacher, each workout will provide an intensive 55 minutes workout individually tailored to the client's specific needs, her build, range of movement, and level of strength and suppleness.

Lotte Berk studios around the world
Anne Cruickshank and Gay Christie trained with Lotte Berk herself for one year full time at the Manchester Street studio in the early 1980s. Ellie Mann undertook her training in 1990/91. All three went on to open their own studios in Brighton and London. Anne now runs the Lotte Berk studio at the Energy Clinic in East Sussex, and Gay owns the Lotte Berk Studios in Fulham, London. Ellie's studio is in Greenwich / Blackheath. Erika Zeller also trained with Lotte and runs the Lotte Berk Studio in Zürich.

For details about teacher training, please contact Gay Christie at the London studio on 020 7385 2477.

Anne Cruickshank, Lotte Berk classes at The Energy Clinic, Barcombe, Nr. Lewes, East Sussex, UK 01273 400606

Gay Christie, Lotte Berk Studio Fulham, 465 Fulham Road, SW6 1HL, London, UK, 020 7385 2477

Ellie Mann was also trained by Lotte in 1990/91 at the Baker Street studio. She now runs the Lotte Berk Studio Greenwich / Blackheath, London, UK. The studio is accessible by DLR, BR, and has off street parking. Phone Ellie on 020 8691 1727 or email her.

Angela Blanckart was was trained by Lotte Berk in Manchester Street in 1989 and went on to work for her in her studio for 7 years. She now runs the Lotte Berk Studio Mayfair at premises situated within the Lansdowne Club, 9 Fitzmaurice Place, London W1. Phone 020 7736 8905 for a timetable. It is not necessary to be a member of the club to attend the Lotte Berk class. She also teaches at the exclusive Hurlingham Club, Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham, London SW6 Tuesdays 7.00pm Wednesdays 9.00am and Fridays 9.00am.

Exhale, Mindbody Spa
Exhale's signature class, Core Fusion, debuted in Bridgehampton, New York during the Summer of 2002. This highly acclaimed one-hour class, developed by Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp fuses the disciplines of Pilates, yoga, core conditioning and orthopedic stretching.

Upper East Side, New York
980 Madison Avenue at 76th Street, 5th Floor

Bridgehampton, New York
Bikram Studio, Bridgehampton Commons

Erika Zeller, Lotte Berk Studio Zürich, Langgruetsstrasse 50, 8047 Zuerich, 01-401- 34 08
lotte berk studio zürich - website über lotte berk in deutscher sprache

Sylvia Lampe teaches Callanetics and Lotte Berk in Randburg, South Africa: 4 Denne Street, Sundowner, Randburg (011) 795-3311 or (011) 794-5477 Fax: (011) 795-3311